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What's the difference between a pianist and god?
god doesn't think he's a pianist

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Author Topic: HOW TO GET MORE GIGS! part 2  (Read 2047 times)


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« on: January 26, 2015, 01:30:02 PM »


How to begin?
The most important aspect of being a performer is the performance. You need a quality product and you need to present something that people will want more of. If youíre not prepared and canít put on an impressive performance, you wonít be asked back or even worse, you wonít be given a gig in the first place. You also need a way of showing potential employers what you can do. If you donít have your own website, you can at least set up a Facebook account solely for the purpose of your live work. I recommend setting up your own website because it shows that you take this stuff seriously and youíve made a commitment to doing things to the best of your ability. Thereís nothing wrong with having only a Facebook account, but I feel a combination of a good Facebook account and a website is more impressive. These days, it will only cost you a few dollars a month to have a professional online presence and itís not too hard to build the site yourself!
I should stress the importance of having a quality online presence as itís probably the first impression youíll get to make on the person responsible for making bookings. Theyíll want to see how you present yourself and how you sound. Theyíll be interested to see where you've played in the past and how many bookings you currently have. Imagine the type of things you look for when youíre checking out service providers yourself. You would be more likely to look further into a business that instills confidence from its well presented website over a business that gives off a bit of a dodgy feel!
So, whatever means you use to represent yourself to potential bookers is very important, but next to that, is the presentation of what you actually do. No one will book you based solely on the quality of your web presence. Theyíll want to hear and/or see what you can actually do. Theyíll picture you performing in their venue and try to imagine whether or not their usual patrons will like you. Iím not saying to second guess what any particular patrons may or may not think of you, Iím saying you should try and represent accurately what YOU do. You wonít be suitable for every type of venue, but you want the best chance of being selected for the ones that you are suitable for.
Here, Iíll guide you through producing your own high quality demo that you can point people to.
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