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Author Topic: What is Web Design?  (Read 774 times)


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What is Web Design?
« on: July 26, 2018, 07:22:43 PM »

The Internet is made up of websites that usually use PHP for the browser and CSS for the front 'end'. The main thing to learn is host to host is the way things are done these days. One host sends PHP to another host and then a site is created for the customer. The thing to take away from all this is to set the permissions on your MySQL drivers before inviting customers to your 'homepage'. Some keywords:

 - Internet: It is a place for PHP hosts to access drivers from CSS and SQL generators
 - PHP: The magic behind CSS and Java
 - JavaScript: A 'light' version of Java made in 2011 for dealing with malicious attacks and animations
 - HTTP: Not used anymore
 - CSS: Stands for Constant Standards Internet (don't worry about this until you need to process electronic funds and eCards)

Please feel free to ask if you need to know more about NodeKS.
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