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Author Topic: Wasted Time - Eagles (quick start)  (Read 2108 times)


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Wasted Time - Eagles (quick start)
« on: September 16, 2014, 12:20:06 AM »

C Major (open chord)
Strum the C, then pluck the C note on the B string followed by a D note on the B string and then open E(high) string.
F Minor
I play this directly after the open E string is plucked and it's only barred from the D string down. So you're barring the first fret from the D string down and playing an F on the D string with your ring finger.
Next comes the walk down from Bb on the A string, to Ab on the low E string and into an inverted C Major chord. This chord is weird because the G is played first on the low E string and then you're playing C on the A string and E on the D string.
Finish this part of the song on a normal open G Major chord.

"Oh my God, you can't believe..."
This part is easy, you just play a root 6 F Major barre chord, then an open E Minor and an open D Minor chord. Finish on an open G Major chord.

"Never thought you'd be alone..."
A little bit trickier! Begin this passage on an open A Minor chord, then play barre the second fret on the A and D strings and play an Ab on the low E string and a B on the G string. Then an open G Major. Next, keep the G Major, but remove your index finger and slide your middle finger (was on a G) back to an F#. This part finishes with an F Major root six barre chord into an open E Minor.

"You're afraid it's all been wasted time..."
Open D Minor to an open G Major to an open C Major.

"The Autumn (Fall ha ha) leaves have got you thinking..."
A barred root five B Minor, open E Minor and open A Minor. When it comes time to repeat, it sounds good to walk up from the Bb on the A string, into the B Minor barre chord again.

"No no, ya just, loved the boy too well..."
When you get to the third A Minor, play a G on the low E string with this chord, then play a root six F Major barre chord, an open E Minor and into then play PART IV again.

"Another love has come and gone..."
Here we play a root 6 Bb Major and an open C Major. At the end, we play some bass note trickery to get back to PART II. When you get back to C Major the second time, strum the chord, then play an open D string followed by an open E string, then go into PART II. While you're playing these bass notes, try to leave the original chords ringing as much as possible.

PART VIII (the outro)
"Ooooh ooh oh WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hoooooo Ooooooo oo ooooo..."
Start on an open C Major and then play an open low E string in combination with that chord to start the bass walk up. Next whilst still playing the C Major open chord, place your thumb on the low E string F note. Then we move to an open G Major chord followed swiftly by a root six Bb Major barre chord. Slide the Bb chord up two frets to an Ab Major barre chord before dropping back to the C Major open chord to begin the whole process once more.

PLEASE NOTE, this is solely my own way of playing this number. I learnt it by listening to the record and trying to make a suitable solo guitar part for it. This is probably not correct and by following my guide above, you'll only be playing it the way I play it!
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